BTFL Manifesto

The name’s Kristoffer and this is my 1st year writing a blog dealing with fantasy football.

I”ve been the commissioner of this fantasy league, Big Tony’s Fantasy League, since 2008. A collection of misfits who love the NFL, fantasy football and the drama that comes with real players scoring imaginary points for everybody involved…

For the past couple of years, I would write emails to the league,  adding my spin to the events that took place every week. I would do team breakdowns, contender/pretender lists…. the whole thing, but I felt limited ….Yahoo, the site I use to run the league, has a character limit for the Commissioner’s note. E-mailing doesn’t have the graphical capabilities I wanted so I decided it was time to start a blog. I wanted to have a place to talk about the things happening in our league, to a degree, and to sprinkle in some videos, songs, and pictures that I would want to pass along to the guys and gal in this here league. With a little helping of my opinion on certain real world NFL topics, considering the NFL finds a way to get under my skin ever so often.

I know the outside world may not get every reference  but i think this is the rare occasion where the outside world doesn’t get to know every single detail. This blog is for the league. And that’s that.

If anyone has any problems, please remember…

Real Talk!


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