2 comments on “Ask the Commish 1.2 – NCAA Question

  1. Actually I learned something to because that crack I made about the UM Ann Arbor mascot being a weasel is actually some EMU students have said for years, and is actually something I said prior to leaving for college. #Ilearnedsomethingnew.

    1. The LXG & CP theme song for Week 7……. please explain.

    2. We are now nearly half way into the season. Who is the Commish picking (as things currently stand) between Dallas and the Giants, both in Week 7 and for the season?

    3. Who is the most surprising rookie this year (Offense or Defensive)? Who is the most disappointing rookie this year? To that end, who are you picking as the most surprising/disappointing pro level (2nd year in the league or longer) this year?

    4. From each team standpoint (BigTony’s League), who do you feel so far has been the biggest steal from each team and the biggest reach? (player has to be someone that either a team received via trade or via the FA/Waiver Wire Pool)

    5. ugettingbodiedbyawebtv………. what’s that all about? lol

    • 1. You and LXG had a record of 3-2-1, so the theme song seemed apropos, no?
      5. Star has a memory like an elephant. Think back to draft day and that might give you a little insight on the name change.
      questions 2-4 (half of 2 anway) will be answered in an Ask the Commish post. STay tuned

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