2 comments on “Yea or Nay: Mark Sanchez needs to be benched

  1. Their biggest problem to me IS the Jets front office. To keep drafting ineffective O-Line players and defensive players but not providing Mark with better weapons was/is idiotic. They get Hill and Terence Ganaway in the draft this year and then cut Ganaway (from a running game we KNEW would be ineffective) before the season starts. It’s just dumb.

    Tannenbaum has made some good picks: Revis being great , Sanchez being good as well as D’Brick, Mangold, DeVito (undrafted), Brad Smith, Leon Washington, Eric Smith, Jonathan Vilma, Jericho Cothery and Keller. I actually have faith in the picks of Muhammad Wilkerson, Greg McElroy, Kyle Wilson and Quinton Coples although admittedly, Wilson causes me many a Maalox moment. Hiring Rex was, I think essential for the team’s psyche and the fanbase after Mangini. He’s also gotten decent players via trade and pickup. Love the acquisitions of Yeremiah Bell, Landry and Maybin.

    But the other picks? Vernon Ghoulson (1st Round??), Scotty McKnight, Chansy Stucki, Mike Nujent in the 2nd Round (at least we wait until the 8th round to draft OUR kickers! Go League!), Dwight Lowery (with Pierre Garcon on the board, albeit in hindsight), Shonn Greene, Vladimir Ducasse (if you could see the WR’s still on the board when they picked this guy. Hell, Jimmy Graham was picked 34 spots AFTER him! Shame on the league not just the Jets) and the COUNTLESS players not even on the team or mentionable.

    Another problem i have is Tannenbaum’s need to be like the Pats and let go of good players because they don’t want to pay them even though they are very good players. Damian Woody, Vilma, Brad Smith, Cotchery and Leon Washington come to mind immediately. Hell, even Banana Hands who had his best year with the Jets and Sanchez was released. That is ridiculous, Can you imagine if Brad Smith was still on the team? They would have had no need to even trade for Tebow…as if that was a football decision right? *rolling eyes*

    • Considering you are one of the biggest Jet fans I know, I appreciate the effort put into this commentary…

      I agree with you in terms of who’s to blame. That front office is atrocious…because I think they lost their way when it comes to building a good team. They got a few guys in that can be considered building blocks and once they got POPULAR with Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Revis having HYPE and a stigma whenever their names rang out across various media outlets…the Jets front brass realized that they don’t necessarily need league leaders in any statistic or players with any real ability to grow into their stardom. Revis is and will be the last one to do that until they clean house. Mark my words (see what I did there?)

      Ticket and jersey sales matter more than wins and that’s why the Jets ain’t making any waves in the AFC East….

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