2 comments on “BTFL: Post-Draft Thoughts

  1. Gotta disagree with you in part. Would there be angst between any manager that had both Cam Newton and Aaron Rodger available on they are on the clock……. yes. Is it a tough decision as to who 99% of fantasy owners would pick in that stance…… no. A.R. all the way.

    • I think it would’ve been a no-brainer for you but I think the manager making that 1st legit choice (since 18-1 was on autodraft) had a lot of feelings involved. I can’t say exactly how he felt but just estimating how I THINK he might feel….There’s the initial joy of Cam Newton, athletic QB freak who is in his 2nd year, and Aaron Rodgers, gunslinger @ the helm of one of the most prolific passing offenses in the league…AND you get a shot at having one of those players under your control for the next 3 years (potentially)…You want to make a good choice there and he went with Aaron.
      We’ll see how it plays out down the road….

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